December 2019 Prairie Update

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Reality of Advent

Advent is a wonderfully complex time of year! I was reminded of this when I read a recent devotional by Skye Jethani where he talks about Advent and Christmas as Jesus saying, “I’m right here! You don’t need to look any further...I’m out in the open for everyone to see.” and then Jethani quotes DA Carson which reminds us of the cross amid the manger:

Do you want to know what the character of God is like?

Study Jesus.

Do you want to know what the holiness of God is like?

Study Jesus.

Do you want to know what the wrath of God is like?

Study Jesus.

Do you want to know what the forgiveness of God is like?

Study Jesus.

Do you want to know what the glory of God is like?

Study Jesus all the way to that wretched cross.
Study Jesus.


We all want our schools be places of flourishing. But what does that really look like? Is there a roadmap to a Christian school flourishing?
Join us on April 25 (our AGM) to hear Dr. Lynn Swaner share some exciting recent research in this area. Lynn is a passionate leader and innovator in Christian education. As this is our AGM, we invite schools to bring a team of board members and teachers to this event. You won’t want to miss this day in Calgary. More details will come out in the new year.


Book Club

We had a great initial meeting with author David Smith! It was good to hear more about his reasons for writing the book and his hopes for his readers. If you would like to watch the video recording, click this LINK

For our Book Club members: we will be discussing chapters 1-3 on January 13 & 14. Get yourself a journal to reflect on the chapter prompts. See the details in this LINK.
 A reminder that there is a space on the PCCE website for you, including links to the websites Smith referenced, the recording of the interview, and contact information for other Club members..


Last call to register for the
Christian Deeper Learning Conference. Among other presenters, you could sign up for
Horling's workshop!

Streamlining Student Feedback

Have a look here for some CREATIVE STRATEGIES

 to increase helpful feedback using rubric codes.

HIGH sCHOOL Social studies teachers

 Here are some thought-provoking IMAGES that could lead to some important conversations.


School Leader Coaching

Many of you have a teacher involved in the TfT Lead Teacher Coaching Cohort that Jeremy Horlings is leading. This an opportunity for the Lead Teachers to be equipped & encouraged as they lead the schools on their journey. If your school has a participant, talk to them about how it is going and ask how you can support their work. If you don’t have someone this year, think about who could participate next year.

Executive Leadership Coaching Cohort

Our group of 8, plus coach Dennis Gulley, met for the first time last month. It was a day of introspection, conversation, & deepening of relationships as we reflected on our relationship with God. We will be meeting again in the new year, with both a group Zoom gathering and an individual coaching session before that.

Spring Gathering

Your Leadership Cohort Executive is excited about the upcoming event where we will spend the time with Christian songwriter Steve Bell as he leads us through a (modified) JOURNEY RETREAT. Be sure to mark your calendar for May 7-8.

Bad Title

Although I don’t like the title,
this is a good ARTICLE!

School Boards

Budget Time

Your board is probably getting prepared to work on the budget for next year. This ARTICLE gives some clear direction and suggestions concerning your role in budgeting. The timelines and examples may be different than yours, but the principles are relevant.

Compensation Report

We mentioned that we’d release a PCCE compensation report in early December, but as this is our first one, it is taking more time than expected to produce. We will get it to you ASAP.

Leadership Review

We have recently updated our Leadership Review instrument to align with the new Alberta Leadership Quality Standards, which all Alberta principals are responsible to exhibit. We have, of course, placed these standards within a Christian leadership context. If you would like PCCE to coordinate a review at your school, please contact our OFFICE.

Business & Development Conference

Join our BC colleagues for their annual conference for business & development staff and board members on
April 6-7 in Harrison Hot Springs. We’ll pass on more information later, but you can add these dates to your calendar.


Educational Leadership Development Institute

Several of our schools have had or will be having leadership transitions. Continually developing potential leaders is an important part of our task and the Educational Leadership Development Institute (ELDI) will soon be accepting applications In the meantime, begin to think who you may want to encourage to participate..

Important Dates

January 13, 2020

Book Club 4:00-5:00 PM

January 14, 2020

Book Club 7:15-8:15 AM

January 18, 2020

PCCE Board Meeting in Calgary

april 25, 2020

PCCE AGM in Calgary

May 7 & 8, 2020

Leadership Cohort Spring Conference at Entheos

October 22 & 23, 2020

Teachers’ Convention in Calgary

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