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PCCE AGM One Week Away

LAST CALL (Deadline tomorrow/Friday at noon!)

Once a year, the PCCE community gathers at our
Annual General Meeting (April 13 in Calgary).

In the past, each school generally sent 2 representatives:

  •  a board member 
  •  an educator

    This year we want to expand that!

Our goal is to have each school send multiple people
(teachers, board members, administrators) and to offer a series of workshops in the morning to expand and deepen our understanding of Christian education at both the education and governance level.

Follow this LINK for more information and to register:

Deadline for registration is April 5 at noon (we need to finalize our catering details!).


I have been working my way through a great book lately.

On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom
by David Smith.

Some of you remember that Smith was a keynote speaker at Teachers’ Convention a few years ago. In this book Smith explores what being Christian has to do with:

  • HOW we teach and learn
  • HOW the choices that we make shape students

In this way he expands the idea of “transformation” and recognizes that EVERYTHING we do in a classroom is transformative.

Then his encouragement is for us to strive for congruence and integrity between what we say and what we do. Have a look at this ARTICLE for quick overview and then if you’re still interested, order the book.

We are looking at ways to host a PCCE book club in the fall based on this book.


I had the chance earlier this week to spend the day with about 400 of our grades 6-12 students from southern Alberta.

Taber Christian School hosted their first Student Conference with Carlos Whittaker as keynote speaker (PCCE was one of the sponsors of the conference).

Teachers: you will remember Carlos from our Teachers’ Convention. It was a great event and has us thinking that hosting student conferences in other parts of our region may be something to consider. Stay tuned for further developments!

Celebrating EASTER

As we continue the Lenten journey toward Easter, this poem provides an interesting perspective:

Coming to a City Near You

by Carol Penner

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you.

Jesus comes to the gate, to the synagogue,

to houses prepared for wedding parties,

to the pools where people wait to be healed,

to the temple where lambs are sold,

to gardens, beautiful in the moonlight.

He comes to the governor’s palace.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you,

to new subdivisions and trailer parks,

to penthouses and basement apartments,

to the factory, the hospital and the Cineplex,

to the big box outlet centre and to churches,

with the same old same old message,

unchanged from the beginning of time.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you

with his Good News and…

Hope erupts! Joy springs forth!

The very stones cry out,

“Hosanna in the highest,

blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

The crowds jostle and push,

they can’t get close enough!

People running alongside flinging down their coats before him!

Jesus, the parade marshal, waving, smiling.

The paparazzi elbow for room,

looking for that perfect picture for the headline,

“The Man Who Would Be King”.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you

and gets the red carpet treatment.

Children waving real palm branches from the florist,

silk palm branches from Wal-Mart,

palms made from green construction paper.

Hosannas ringing in churches, chapels, cathedrals,

in monasteries, basilicas and tent-meetings.

King Jesus, honored in a thousand hymns

in Canada, Cameroon, Calcutta and Canberra.

We LOVE this great big powerful capital K King Jesus

coming in glory and splendor and majesty

and awe and power and might.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you.

Kingly, he takes a towel and washes feet.

With majesty, he serves bread and wine.

With honour, he prays all night.

With power, he puts on chains.

Jesus, King of all creation, appears in state

in the eyes of the prisoner, the AIDS orphan, the crack addict,

asking for one cup of cold water,

one coat shared with someone who has none,

one heart, yours,

and a second mile.

Jesus comes to Jerusalem, the city nearest you.

Can you see him?



Covenant Christian School recently had several junior high students create large paintings of the Throughlines.

This one on “Idolatry-Discerning”

caught my eye.

Very relevant and creative!


Have you ever assigned a project that involved lots of colouring?
How about a paper mache Grecian Urn? Or a diorama? Or a tech-based assignment that was more tech than curriculum? Have a read through this ARTICLE!

Then the next step for us as Christian school teachers is to wrestle with the implications of this for our practice specifically in Christian education. What are the essential curriculum components in a Christian school that we must be sure to include in our planning so that we are not going off-course or only looking at the provincial requirements to guide our planning?

TFT 101 Day Four

The last date in this workshop series  is coming up quickly and information will be emailed to participants soon OR register now at the area links below.

Our northern group will meet on April 30 at The King’s University.
Register HERE.

Our southern group will meet on May 1 at Calgary Christian Secondary School
Register HERE


What could be better than a trip to Ottawa to learn about the Canadian government in person? Even if you don’t get selected, this SITE has some excellent teaching and
learning resources. 

Series of Unfortunate Events Fans

Have a read through this ARTICLE for a thoughtful Christian reflection.


      Looking for a interesting


    VIDEO on Worldview?


Spring Leadership Cohort

You have received an invitation to our Spring Leadership Cohort workshop.
Follow this LINK  for more information and to register. Deadline is April 23, 2019.


Covenant Christian School in Leduc has about 30 desks available (the style with an attached seat).
If you would be interested in them (FREE), contact Donavin .

School Boards


One of the key responsibilities of a Board is to manage the finances of the organization. If your eyes glaze over when the Financial Reports are presented, this HANDOUT may help you better understand the information and ensure you are doing your due diligence.

Or if you’d rather have an in-person “tutorial,” sign up for our AGM where PCCE treasurer, Rod Harder, will be presenting a workshop on this topic.



Teachers Convention 2019 is looking for workshop presenters. Please submit recommendations by April 15, 2019.

If you know someone we should consider (particularly people in the greater Edmonton area) use this FORM

If you would like to be considered as a presenter, use this FORM.


A reminder that the PCCE WEBSITE has a spot for job postings. PCCE schools can post their openings free of charge.
Of special note is the posting for a new Head of School at our sister school in Winnipeg. Pass the information on to anyone you know who may be interested!



There is a “members only”section for staff, leaders and board members. If you need your log-in information, email us at office@pcce.ca

Also be sure to follow   PCCE on Twitter!

Important Dates

April 13

 PCCE AGM Calgary, AB

April 25-26

 Senior Leadership Enrichment Seminar

April 30

Northern TFT 101 Day Four at The King's University Edmonton

May 1

Southern TFT 101 Day Four at Calgary Christian Secondary School

May 9-10

 PCCE Leadership Cohort Conference

October 24-25

PCCE Teachers' Convention  in Edmonton

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